Equipment for You

Self-help website offering impartial advice about equipment that can help make daily living easier, maximising independence.

Equipment for You recommends equipment, specific to your needs, that you may wish to buy. It complements the existing free equipment loan services and has been commissioned by D&G Health and Social Care Partnership

DG Doing More has teamed up with Equipment for You to provide local information and opportunities to encourage and enable you to be more physically active.

How do I become more physically active?

If you are interested in being more physically active but don’t know how to start, the DG Doing More website provides lots of advice and support.

The DG Doing More Physical Activity Tool will give you some local ideas about what might encourage you to be active. Ideas are based on your responses to 5 multiple choice questions.

There are programmes available across Dumfries and Galloway for people living with a physical, sensory or learning disability. For more information on current programmes please visit the Disability Sport page on DG Doing More and the associated Facebook page. For further information please email

NHS Inform provides a range of helpful physical activity advice plus specific information on;
choosing what exercise to do
exercising as you get older
keeping active in pregnancy

The NHS provide some fitness advice for wheelchair users 

How to do I improve my strength and balance?

Strength and balance exercises can help people of all ages stay steady, maintain bone density, improve balance and reduce joint pain.

The Council’s Active Communities Service delivers a range of fun, safe and inclusive physical activity programmes that will help you stay active, independent and meet new people. A member of the Active Communities Team will be able to advise you about what classes might be right for you, please email –

Alternatively, NHS Inform have a series of online videos that will help you improve your strength and balance at home.

How can I stay active or move more at home?

The LifeCurve App™ allows people to see how they are ageing. The App allows people to track their own activity levels day by day, and compare them to the expected levels for their age. It will also provide information about suitable activities at home and outside, and other ways to stay healthy and active. Download – Google Play or Apple.

Delivered by Later Life Training, the ‘Make Movement Your Mission’ provides free online movement sessions, three times per day (8am, 12noon and 4pm) lasting between 10-15 minutes. Join the Facebook group to participate. Previous videos can be accessed here.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has created 6 simple exercises to help older adults stay active at home.

Where can I go to be physically active?

Looking for ideas about local opportunities to be physically active, the DG Doing More website provides a directory of activities including individual and group based, formal and informal activities such as walking, cycling, sport, fitness and wellbeing.

For the most updated information please visit the Active Communities Facebook page.